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Octopus imitating coral

February 26, 2017

Here’s an octopus caught off guard in the deeps of Ireland and pretending to be some rock formations and then coral. It’s quite big. I remember Diver Laura saying that sea creatures can grow larger in colder water, because the dissolved oxygen content is higher. Turns out that relation may be due to a lack of biologic activity in the colder water.

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Plesiosaur Coffee Mug

Plesiosaur Coffee Mug

by JJ_Paul


Mussels in Spain!

February 25, 2017

Here’s a subtitled documentary from 1970 about the economy of mussel aquaculture in Spain. Particulary the blue mussel, or Mytilus edulis. The FAO shows the distribution of this species to be around Spain, Italy, northern Europe, and a strech of of North Carolina. Interesting the FAO claims that “The substantial mussel production of Spain (e.g. 201 025 tonnes in 2002) is reported to FAO as M. edulis but the author of this fact sheet states that nearly all of this is in fact M. galloprovincialis.” Oh, the controversy!

Let’s get away from this controversy with a little light reading:

Dana Point Tide Pools

February 24, 2017

This video offers a wonderful instruction on all the animals you can see on the shore at low tide in Dana Point, California. Snails, tube worms, limpets, mussels, etc. Stanford has also published a list of all the creatures you’re apt to find at low tide.

You could also get around in an ocean kayak to explore more of the sea. Click on the image to see more from Amazon.

Breathtaking Mantas

February 23, 2017

Manta Rays seen in the Maldives. The Manta Trust conservation organization estimates that some 5000 individuals exist around the Maldives.

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Conservation of Bird’s Head Seascape

February 22, 2017

A nice little video of Conservation International‘s efforts to preserve life in Bird’s Head Seascape in Indonesia. Not a lot of hard marine science here, but some nice footage and education.

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Have fun in Belize

February 21, 2017

This is largely an ad for a diving and or fishing company offering tours in Belize. But hey, if you play nice music and show happy scenes of wildlife on sunny beaches in the ocean, I’ll listen. Why aren’t all ads exactly this content, all the time? No medical side effects warnings here.   It’s for Pelagic Pro Team.

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Open Ocean Beach Cottage Pillows ~ home decor gift

Open Ocean Beach Cottage Pillows ~ home decor gift

by MarieFlorence

Ha Ha in the Hive

February 20, 2017

A little humour as a diver finds some lobster heads near The Hive in Hawaii. A reclusive eel waits for the bright lights to pass, and I’m wondering if we actually get a brief glimpse of a a nudibranch.

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Telephone pole: instant ecosystem

February 19, 2017

Here’s an interesting observation by some fishermen in the Gulf off of Mississippi: a little ecosystem that appears to have collected around a floating telephone pole. I suppose just a few little fish being provided a slight advantage in fleeing from bigger fish just snowballs into a complete system with jellyfish, and what the diver calls, “chicken mahi”.

But even cooler is this postcard with a narwhal in a hat! Send to a friend for 93 cents plus shipping.

mr. narhwal postcard
mr. narhwal postcard
by Steph_Allison

Juvenile sea hare

February 18, 2017

Okay, some creatures look like transporter accident where you only got half the animal. This juvenile sea hare seems to be in an existential crisis just about how to get around. Wikipedia says that the ancient Romans knew of the existence of this creature, and gave it the name “sea hare” because of the ear-like shapes protruding from the head.

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The Orcas of Norway

February 17, 2017

High-quality footage of orcas that is in tune with the values of this blog is hard to come by. So much is either about Sea World, faraway views of fins, or not Creative Commons licensed.

Here are some great shots of orcas undersea chasing schools of fish, and then apparently some them being chased by boats.

I remember watching Super Friends as a kid, and onve of my favorite characters was Aquaman. There was one scene where the sea creatures floated by and the narrator introduced each one. When he got to the orca, he said, “… and the wrongly-name ‘killer whale’.” Interesting that they are in fact killers: sometimes in our attempt at being humane or compassionate, we can end up denying animals’ true nature.

Here’s a book about orcas. Don’t know if it portrays them as mindless killers or engaging in some kind of revolt against bad behavior. Yes, it’s an ad.