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Whales, en espanol

April 28, 2017

Here’s a 25 minute video at the Marine Reserve in Damas Choros Island. It goes quite deep into the ecology of the sea in this area offshore of Chile. Fortunately for me, there are English subtitles. Straight to the “best of” tag for this blog.

also: fish! they can be snacks!!


Oil rig Dive

March 2, 2017

This video has too many creatures to name, too many spectacular views, from the architecture of an oil rig’s bearings, to the multiple coral structures that have grown upon it. Just sit back in awe.

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An octopus in its shell

February 10, 2017

The opening footage of this dive reel from Lembeh Straight in Indonesia contains some fascinating footage of an octopus seeking the security of the safety of an (abandoned?) clam shell, then carrying it around; apparently another using a coke bottle as a shell! Hairy shrimp, tube worms, baby cuttlefish, angler fish, blenny, eels, pipe fish. I say find this diver, make friends with him, and maybe he’ll show you where these spots are.

Seriously, this is one reel I’m going to return to time and again as I learn more of the names of these creatures.

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