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Navarre Beach flounder, sea star

February 13, 2017

Here’s a view of animals seen snorkeling in shallow water near the beach in Navarre Beach, FL. What’s interesting here is that the sand looks very “vacation-y”, in that there’s no coral reef like you see in Finding Nemo. Just white sand. Yet there’s a baby flounder (squee?), skate, and sea stars with four and five legs.

Southern Stingrays Swimming at Stingray City Wood Wall Art

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Southern Stingrays Swimming at Stingray City Wood Wall Art

by corbisimages


Chasing animals as zoology

February 12, 2017

Okay I admit some of these are a bit annoying, in that the video’s extensive footage seems to be merely about an animal running (swimming) away from a human with a camera. When I started to come across flounder videos, this seems to be the mainstay. The peacock flounder is cool in its ability to change colors, but mostly we see an animal pestered by a human.

Conservation India has an interesting article,
Stop! Don’t Shoot Like that — A Guide to Ethical Wildlife Photography, which addresses the issue. If it’s uncool to chase a lion to the point of exhaustion, maybe it’s not as cool for a flounder, either. Oh, I support the eating of animals, even sport fishing, but chase videos aren’t very scientifically informative or entertaining.

Maybe you’ll feel better after reading a novel about Monterey Bay