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Mussels in Spain!

February 25, 2017

Here’s a subtitled documentary from 1970 about the economy of mussel aquaculture in Spain. Particulary the blue mussel, or Mytilus edulis. The FAO shows the distribution of this species to be around Spain, Italy, northern Europe, and a strech of of North Carolina. Interesting the FAO claims that “The substantial mussel production of Spain (e.g. 201 025 tonnes in 2002) is reported to FAO as M. edulis but the author of this fact sheet states that nearly all of this is in fact M. galloprovincialis.” Oh, the controversy!

Let’s get away from this controversy with a little light reading:


Dana Point Tide Pools

February 24, 2017

This video offers a wonderful instruction on all the animals you can see on the shore at low tide in Dana Point, California. Snails, tube worms, limpets, mussels, etc. Stanford has also published a list of all the creatures you’re apt to find at low tide.

You could also get around in an ocean kayak to explore more of the sea. Click on the image to see more from Amazon.