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The Orcas of Norway

February 17, 2017

High-quality footage of orcas that is in tune with the values of this blog is hard to come by. So much is either about Sea World, faraway views of fins, or not Creative Commons licensed.

Here are some great shots of orcas undersea chasing schools of fish, and then apparently some them being chased by boats.

I remember watching Super Friends as a kid, and onve of my favorite characters was Aquaman. There was one scene where the sea creatures floated by and the narrator introduced each one. When he got to the orca, he said, “… and the wrongly-name ‘killer whale’.” Interesting that they are in fact killers: sometimes in our attempt at being humane or compassionate, we can end up denying animals’ true nature.

Here’s a book about orcas. Don’t know if it portrays them as mindless killers or engaging in some kind of revolt against bad behavior. Yes, it’s an ad.