Irish nudibranchs!

April 4, 2017

Here we have a lovely white nudibranch that our videographer tells us is a Cadlina Laevis. The interesting thing here is that it’s seen while scuba diving off of Ireland. My earlier prejudice might have been that you can only see cool creatures in places where the water is warm enough to swim year-round. But the Irish Dive Council reminds us there’s many places worth diving around the island. Bundle up, little buddy!

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Not quite “The Wall”: cuttlefish mating

April 1, 2017

Here’s a short video of cuttlefish approaching for the mating ritual. I’m assuming the aggressor is the male, but that may be an anthromorphistic bias. Interesting how the male changes his color back and forth during the ritual. The Encyclopedia of Life says that the gestation period is 30 to 90 days, and they may have 100 to 1000 offspring.

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Flying fish, walking!

March 31, 2017

This video now makes the flying fish to be my most admired animal. They can fly, swim, and walk! This one is apparently a sea robin. I once caught a sea robin by accident when fishing, and noted its modified, leg-like pectoral fins. I never imagined those wings could actually be for flying.

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Yellow-eyed Penguin Catches Lunch

March 30, 2017

Our old friend the yellow-eyed penguin, or Tawaki, is back and this time we can see her pursue and finally capture an opalfish. Amazing science can be now done about the way these animals eat.

Again, here is the link to the Tawaki Project, whose aim is to protect and study the Fiordland penguin.

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What’s to sea at ChaƱaral Island

March 19, 2017

This video is simply a series of beautiful views of all kinds of sea life at ChaƱaral Island in Chile. Seals, kelp forests, clams, flowery corals. Just watch it.

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Does an anglerfish dump in the sea?

March 16, 2017

See for yourself. This is a wartskin anglerfish, sometimes also called a warty or clown frogfish. Hes’ trying to be discreet about it: move along!

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Frogfish playlist

March 4, 2017

Here’s a case where a videographer made available a large set of short videos, many of which are about the frogfishes as seen off Bali. The animals are interesting if only for their expressions.

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Mola Mola

March 3, 2017

The Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, really is a majestic beast. This video makes its actions seem all the more dreamy with the spacey music. It’s almos as if it’s offering up kisses to the small fish, but I’m sure that’s the worst anthropomorphism ever.

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Oil rig Dive

March 2, 2017

This video has too many creatures to name, too many spectacular views, from the architecture of an oil rig’s bearings, to the multiple coral structures that have grown upon it. Just sit back in awe.

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Time well spent with a Manta Ray

March 1, 2017

This one was encountered in the Gulf of Mexico. This one has some tag-alongs. The Manta Trust has an in-depth article about all the things that ride along with mantas, and discussion of whether the mantas themselves may derive any benefits from the pairing. Apparently some fish species live their whole lives inside the mouths of mantas!

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